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Our Eco-friendly materials, originated from plants, turn into marvellous.

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Experience the diversity of TIJN Sunwear as you explore in your eyes, keep your feeling stunning.

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Encompass every wonderful detail like sweeping shapes, unfussy temples, and timeless accents.

Featured Collections

Along with the evolution of the seasons, We have collections which absorbs from latest fashion trends, combining different life scenes & unique atmospheres.

TIJN Originals

An understated and classic frame with plenty of panache vibe

Vintage Chic Collection

The return of the trend with retro playability birngs more vibrant fashion

Metal Delicacy Collection

Alloyed with distinctive shapes, bold versions and delicacy vibes

Eco-Friendly Collection

With a perfect blend of Eco-Friendly and Advanced Materials

Stories by Topic

Admiration and Inspiration; Creation and Enthusiasm. To Cheer. To Enjoy. To Strive For. Life is Art.

TIJN × Musicians

Innovation and creating something new is what most musicians strive for. Combining genres in a cohesive manner that creates a fluid motion of the music. The spirit is also essential for us to create stunning products . Thus we put in the effort to integrate beauty into the product for TIJN.

TIJN × Chris Luno

Howdy! I'm Chris Luno, Melodic House DJ & Producer currently based in Berlin. Our collaboration on this pool party house mix is made to delight your summer. Hope we could spread some soothing & chill vibes over to you in this crazy heat. Hang in there and stay cool!

TIJN × Ando San

I am an L.A. based artist named Ando San. My work is an homage to my struggles, the things I love, and simply, an amalgamation of my passion for music. I produce and record all of my music and have been playing guitar for 10 years.

Our Promise

5% Profit to Sustainability by 2025

Every small step could eventually make a big difference,
and we’ll do our best to make this planet a better place.

Our Progress

Eco-friendly Products

To make as little impact on our environment as possible,
we’ll be using sustainable materials on over 70% of our

Our Partners

Cultural Diversity

We stand for equal rights by fully supporting artists
around the world, no matter where they were born,
where they live, or what language they speak.

Our Projects

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